500 vegan recipes

Impressive thick  book full of innovative everyday recipes.


500 vegan recipes


Celine Steen  & Joni Marie Newman


Fair winds press, 2009 – 512  p., Engels


  vegan, breakfast, bread, dips & spreads,  snacks, soups, appetizers, finger food, salads, sides, main dishes, faux meats,  sauces, desserts,  baking,  ice creams, candie & chocolate


  •  recycled paper, paperback, no pictures

Why you need this book?

  • fairly complete book
  • good descriptions
  • innovative daily kitchen
  • Make your own meat and dairy substitutes
Who can use this book?
  • through-the-week cook with some D-I-Y attitude

Must have recipes:

Thai Tofu
Mushroom lasagna
Orange carrots
Curried apple sprouts
Cinnamon apple pie bars
Sundried tomato sauce
Disco stew
Baked Eggplant Parmesan
Baked Berbere seitan
lemon-thyme quick bread 
Seitan Bacon Crumbles

TO-DO list:

Jam-Filled Soda Rolls
Cranberry Chili
Laurel and Hardy Peanut Fauxsages
Festivus Loaf
Beer rolls
Fu-ttage Chese Mini Baguettes
Orange Cappuccino Cookies
Sablés Marbrés
Scarborough Fair Cream Cheese Wontons 
Whiskey Sweet Potato Mash 
... and many, many more

You can find pictures and comments about 500 vegan recipes  on my  blog TofuParty.


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