The Healthy voyager’s global kitchen

Carolyn Scott-Hamilton traveled the world, scored recipes everywhere and made her own vegan versions.  A trip you should not miss.


The Healthy voyager’s global kitchen


Carolyn Scott-Hamilton


Fair Winds Press, 2012 – 226 p., Engels


vegan, snacks,  dips & spreads, brunch, dressings , soups, appetizers, salads, sides, main dishes,  sauces,  desserts,  baking, world food


  •  paperback, pictures, attractive, clear symbols

Why you need this book?

  • Recipes are listed by country
  • recipes from around the world
  • Traditional recipes are ‘Veganized’
Who can use this book?
  • the cook who is not afraid to spend some more time in the kitchen
  • lovers of meat substitutes and vegan cheeses
  • experience with vegan cooking
Must have recipes:
  • Waste not, want plenty bread pudding
  • Vegan chicken and dumpling for the soul
  • No Toad in the Hole
    Scrumptious scones

You can find pictures and comments from The Healthy voyager’s global kitchen recipes on my blog TofuParty.


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