Have your cake and vegan too


50 recipes totally devoted to making vegan cakes. A book that should not be missing on the shelf of the vegetable cakes lover.


Have your cake and vegan too


Kris Holechek


Ulysses Press,  2011– 147 p.,


vegan, desserts,  baking, gluten-free, raw


  •  paperback, pictures
Why you need this book?
  • very handy and clear recipe display
  • difficulty indicated
  • 50 recipes for cakes with accompanying photos
  • recipes for gluten-free and no-bake cakes
  • a whole chapter with glazes, whipped cream …
Who can use this book?
  • lovers of vegan baking
Must have recipes:
  • Basic Vanilla Cake
  • Chocolate Crumble Cake
TO-DO list:
  •   Snazzy, Razzy almond coffee cake
  •  Pappy’s pistachio tea cake
  •  Chococonutty cream cake
  •  Bubbies’s chubby tuxedo cake
  • Snickerdoodle cake

You can find pictures and comments on recipes from Have your cake and vegan too on my  blog TofuParty.

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