Quick and Easy Vegan Comfort Food


Delicious, easy, everyday kitchen. Some recipes do ask for faux meat and/or cheese s that can be difficult to find.  Although the book also has recipes to make your own faux.


Quick and Easy Vegan Comfort Food


Alicia C. Simpson


The Experiment,  2009– 227 p., Engels


vegan, smoothies, breakfast, sides, soups, salads, main dishes, sauces, dips & spreads, dressings, desserts


  •  paperback, pictures

Why you need this book?

  • easy, everyday kitchen
  • a pack menu ideas
Who can use this book?
  • the everyday cook
Must have recipes:
TO-DO list:
  •   Breakfast sausage
  •   French Onion Soup
  •  Filet o’ tofish sandwiches
  •  Tuno casserole
  • Veggie “meat” loaf
  • Veganized orange chick’n
  • Cashew nut cheeze dip
  • Nacho cheeze sauce

You can find pictures and comments on recipes from Quick and Easy Vegan Comfort Food on my  blog TofuParty.


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